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Unbundled Services

"Unbundling" allows people to hire an attorney on a limited basis. Usually, this is done to save money, but sometimes it is done to obtain the benefit of getting legal advice without the drama or acceleration of hostilities that sometimes results when one party hires an attorney.

You can hire an attorney to appear in court for you by means of "limited scope" representation. This means that the attorney will appear in court with you for a very narrow (and clearly defined in writing) issue--for example, a restraining order, a contempt hearing or a child support/custody/visitation hearing.

For non-court representation, you can hire an attorney to provide you with legal assistance without that attorney becoming your attorney of record. The attorney can provide services as a "shadow" attorney to review documents and be available for you to guide you through the legal process and answer any questions that you might have along the way. The attorney can also prepare documents for you to file as a self-represented litigant--for example, discovery requests and responses and motions and responses to motions (or orders to show cause.)

Should you be interested in any of these lower-cost option, please make a consultation appointment and inquire as to the cost of limited attorney involvement as what needs to be done in each case varies considerably--as does the cost of services--depending on what is required.

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